A number of legal professionals specialized and locally active in the field of ICT Law, together with representatives of the largest audit firms and electronic communications service providers in Malta grouped together to set up the Malta Information Technology Law Association (MITLA).

MITLA has been set up in order to promote the advancement and development of the various branches of information technology law, including computer law, internet law, electronic communications law, information law, electronic commerce law, remote gaming law and cybercrime, in Malta as well as to promote the advancement of Malta as an international centre of excellence in ICT Law.

As part of its activities, MITLA aims to actively research, discuss and circulate information on legal developments taking place on the international plane and within the European Union with respect to ICT Law and the knowledge economy and how Malta can benefit from such developments.

The discussion and promotion of legislative and regulatory changes and interventions related to ICT Law with national government and non-government bodies and international and regional organisations or associations will also be pursued by MITLA.

The Association will also explore opportunities for the discussion and consideration of matters of interest to its members and to undertake or assist in the preparation of legal instruments and papers in respect of such matters.

Membership within MITLA is open to legal professionals as well as auditors and accountants active or interested in the field of ICT Law, information technology professionals and students. Corporate membership is also available.

The current Executive Committee of the Association is composed of Dr. Antonio Ghio Fenech & Fenech Advocates), Dr. Gege Gatt (ICON), Dr. Joseph Borg(WH Partners), Mr. George Sammut (PwC), Mr. Russell Mifsud (KPMG) and Dr. David Gonzi (Gonzi & Associates). A full list of the Founding Members can be found here.

Dr. Antonio Ghio, President of MITLA commented: “The development of Malta as an ICT center of excellence requires that local laws truly reflect the technological state of play and act as instigators and enablers for Malta’s success in this field. MITLA shall assist all stakeholders, including government, national entities and other regulatory bodies through targeted legal and technical discussions by which the experience and expertise of its members can serve the national interest. The Association will now look forward to organizing a number of meetings with such bodies so that a working agenda for the immediate future can be discussed and agreed upon”.

MITLA is a member of the INPLP

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