In order to better reach its general and substantive objectives, MITLA has a number of Standing Committees as well as Ad-Hoc Committees.

Standing Committees

Administration Committee

In conjunction with the Executive Committee, the role of the Administration Committee is to take care of the general day-to-day administrative requirements of MITLA including membership-related activities as well as the organisation of MITLA events and initiatives.

Education and Outreach Committee

The role of the Education and Outreach Committee is to disseminate the work carried out by MITLA through the organisation of specific initiatives, seminars and related events within the legal, technical, policy and academic communities regarding matters relating to law and technology. The aim of this committee is also to act as a bridge between MITLA, national regulators, government entities as well as other interest groups in order to build the necessary synergies within which MITLA operates.

Technical Committee

The primary aim of the technical committee is to provide guidance and research on specific subjects which require further in-depth analysis of a technical nature. This enables MITLA to study specific substantive issues not only from a purely legal perspective but through an intimate understanding of underlying technical concepts which can have a bearing on the legal-policy position to be adopted.


Ad-Hoc Committees

Specific Ad-Hoc Committees will be set up in order to study and react to particular substantive issues and challenges which arise locally in order to assist the Standing Committees to formulate the necessary position papers on such specific topics.


Should you wish to join any of our Committees please contact us.

MITLA is a member of the INPLP

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