How AI Will Evolve In 2024

A webinar held before MITLA’s AGM

Thursday 25th January 2024
Zoom Meeting

Join us for an in-depth discussion all about the AI developments the world could expect next year, featuring two leading international voices.

Odia Kagan

Odia Kagan is a privacy law specialist from Philadelphia who has assisted over 80 companies to achieve GDPR compliance. She currently advises companies on how to develop, deploy and use AI in a responsible, ethical and legal manner.

Peter Hense

Peter Hense is a legal consultant from Germany who advises businesses in areas of IT, data protection and competition law. He currently co-hosts a podcast all about decoding AI regulation.

They will be joined by MITLA’s Antonio Ghio in a discussion hosted by Christian Peregin.

Antonio Ghio

Christian Peregin

The discussion will delve into the latest developments in AI, examining how these advancements are reshaping legal practices, compliance, ethics, and data protection.

We will:

  • Discuss the latest advancements in AI and what our experts expect to see in 2024
  • Explore the varying approaches to AI regulation in the US and Europe, exploring how different legal systems are adapting to the challenges posed by AI technologies.
  • Examine the ethical implications of AI in various sectors, emphasising the need for responsible and ethical AI development and deployment.
  • Address the critical issues surrounding privacy law, data protection, and how these are being influenced and challenged by the proliferation of AI technologies.

The discussion will be immediately followed by MITLA’s Annual General Meeting, which will be organised remotely on Zoom.

Attendance to the discussion and the AGM is free to MITLA members. Non-members can buy a ticket which automatically signs them up to be paid members for a year.

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