Raising Awareness on Cyber Security

The Raising Awareness on Cyber Security (RACS) project spearheaded by the Malta Information Technology Law Association (MITLA) seeks to provide a benchmark on comparative legal studies in Cyber Security and additionally provides a realistic snapshot of Maltese SMEs and Voluntary Organisations’ practical responses to risks and gauge the actual Cyber Security threats they face.

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The RACS project was split into three parts namely:

1. Work Package 1 (WP1) – Building a Path through the patchwork of cyber-crime laws,  delivered by the Department of Information Policy & Governance at the University of Malta, studied the Maltese cyber security legal framework, to determine laws regulating cyber security and any legal developments in the field which apply to VOs and local businesses to protect them against cyber threats. The involvement of other VOs interested in cyber security, cyber security experts, ICT lawyers and law student organisations, was sought for the identification of such laws. The review has considered local, EU and international legal instruments which regulate online security, including privacy and data protection laws, criminal laws, intellectual property laws, electronic communications laws, laws on electronic commerce, and other instruments regulating confidentiality. This analysis identified and researched technical permutations of local VOs and SMEs which are directly dependent on legal obligations related to cybersecurity.

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2. Work Package 2 (WP2) – Assessing cyber-security readiness with SMEs and VOs delivered by EMCS Limited investigated the level of awareness on cybercrime amongst VO’s and SME’s in Malta and gauges measures implemented by said entities to mitigate security breaches. The current understanding amongst local entities remained unclear up till now and warranted an investigation, in line with the local and EU laws, towards effective cyber security. A situational analysis was conducted through the involvement and interviewing of local stakeholders, particularly, other voluntary organisations and SMEs to make collaboration and the involvement of VOs and various sectors of the economy a key initiative for the RACS project. When completed, all respondents’ replies, and the survey were extrapolated and consolidated in a report.

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3. Work Package 3 (WP 3) – Summary of the RACS project consolidates the conclusions derived from both WP 1 and WP 2 and is publishing a report taking into consideration the previous two deliverables. It also disseminates and markets the individual reports derived from WP 1 and WP 2 to relevant audiences. WP 3 ensures that the highly specialised material made possible through VOPS funding is made available to interested parties.

This project was funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector on behalf of the Ministry for Education and Employment.

MITLA is a member of the INPLP

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