MITLA continues to contribute to the advancement of IT law and Malta’s digital future whilst focusing on members’ outreach and participation.

AGM and election of 2022 executive committee members

On Friday 28th January 2022, the Malta IT Law Association (MITLA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM). Addressing its members, Dr Antonio Ghio, MITLA President, communicated that the Association will continue to work on its objectives namely in contributing to the advancement of information technology law and Malta’s digital future.

A report was presented on the work that MITLA carried out in 2021. Despite the persisting pandemic, MITLA successfully organised two online events focused on industry relevant topics: The Workers’ Right to Disconnect and Consent Management in Data Protection Matters. With regards to the Right to Disconnect, MITLA presented a position paper setting out the Association’s views that a general public debate and consultation were required to determine the public sentiment towards the introduction of this right with all stakeholders, including employees, employers, trade unions, and professionals.

Throughout 2021, MITLA continued to participate in EU projects and accessing EU funding. MITLA successfully finalised the RED Alert Project which provides real time detection of online terrorist content across the EU. Continued working on the BorderUAS project to assess and analyse, from a privacy perspective, the use of drones for border surveillance between countries. In 2021, MITLA also initiated work on the CounteR Project, to assist the relevant consortium in the privacy considerations with regards to a privacy-first situational awareness platform for violent terrorism and crime prediction, counter radicalisation and citizen protection.

Dr Gege Gatt, MITLA Vice President, identified The Concept Stadium, a local branding and marketing firm, as a partner to focus on a membership outreach programme. MITLA continues to seek an increase in members and to encourage students, individuals and businesses involved in IT and/or law to become involved with this NGO, also to benefit from the opportunity to participate in EU-wide projects and influence policy. Dr Karen Coppini, MITLA’s Treasurer, highlighted how the main sources of income for the NGO were related to membership subscriptions and income through international projects of which MITLA forms part of a Consortium. The election of MITLA’s new executive committee was also held during the AGM. The re-elected committee members met and were assigned to the roles as follows:

President – Dr Antonio Ghio
Vice President – Dr Sharon Xuereb
Secretary – Dr Alexia Valenzia
Treasurer – Dr Karen Coppini
PR Officer & Member Outreach – Dr Deo Falzon
Events – Dr Kenneth Terribile
Project Management – Dr Sarah Cannataci
Governance Officer – Dr Jonathan Spiteri
External Outreach – Dr Gege Gatt

MITLA is a member of the INPLP

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