Making Malta an Intellectual Property Hub

The Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at fostering Malta’s attractiveness in the intellectual property sector. This came about as a result of collaboration between the Ministry and members of the legal and advisory services sectors in Malta which have been keen to find new avenues for growth. The new initiative assumes a public private partnership where:

  • Government will provide the financial and logistic support for the efforts needed to develop and promote this sector, including legislative, administrative, logistical and international diplomatic interventions; and
  • the private sector will participate in project management, research, legislative drafting and promotion of the concepts and ideas being developed for the sector with the aim of giving Malta innovative solutions in an increasingly digital setor.

With the ever-growing importance and relevance of Intellectual Property as an industry that generates circa 39% of total EU economic activity (GDP) and 26% of employment within the EU1, the Ministry believes that the time is ripe for Malta to embark on a thorough project to revolutionize its offering for this sector in order to attract more of the business and related commercial activity to its shores.

The proposal for this project was conceived positively by members of the private sector whose ambitions for Malta in this field mirrored those of the Government. Without the participation of all the most highly specialised lawyers, advisers and service providers in the field, this project will not be successful and it is with this in mind that we would like to invite you to the launch of this project during which we will be presenting the vision, detail and dynamics of this project and we will be calling upon all interested professionals to actively participate in the project which aims at making Malta a global IP destination.

The project launch will take place at the Phoenicia Hotel on the 24th of November at 14:00hrs.

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