MCA Consumer Perception Survey on Internet Services 2013

Between August and October 2013, the MCA commissioned a survey to gauge consumer sentiment on Internet services, in particular their perceptions on the general quality of service and prices.

Here are some of the main findings.

The survey shows that 80% of households have internet access, a considerable development when compared to the 68% of households having internet access in 2011.

Contrary to popular perception, only 1% of households cited affordability as the reason for not getting an Internet connection. With regard to usage, more members within the same households are using the Internet at home when compared to 2011, with 76% of households claiming that they cannot live without Internet.

Approximately 79% of households are satisfied or highly satisfied with the level of service, of which, 44% are subscribed to an ADSL connection, whilst 53% are cable subscribers. Despite the fact that more than 80% of households do not know their connection speed, 83% of households claim that their current Internet speed is adequate for their needs.

Service reliability is the main determining factor when choosing between internet service providers (55% of households), closely followed by price and connection service speed. Whilst only 23% of households know the cost of their broadband service, of which the majority (72%) perceive the cost to be either reasonable or cheap, 65% of households would in fact change their internet connection if subscription charges were to increase by 10% on a monthly basis.

Click the link below to access the publication:
MCA Consumer Perception Survey Internet 2013

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